Shark oil - powerful reinforcement of immune system

Of course, with discover of health properties of shark oil we should not rely on that mankind has found panacea from all diseases - it would look like a fiction, but doctors are unanimous in their opinion that shark liver oil is a singular substance as to its curative qualities from which we can get huge benefit for the mankind.

Shark liver oil produced by LYSI is a natural product of excellent quality.


Why are sharks never ill?

For a long time a shark was of a keen interest for scientists as an excellent exponent of phenomenal viability. Doctors have tirelessly searched for an answer to the question: what is the reason of a sound health and longevity of these sea inhabitants? What makes their organism resistant to any infections? After all they have existed on the earth for millions years, thus they are never ill, they are not afraid of bacteria and cancer is almost unfamiliar to them, and any wounds on their bodies heal immediately. For a long time the source of such viability considered to be a shark’s cartilage, but today it has already been precisely determined that the reason of fantastic immunity of sharks is their liver, more precisely, oil containing in it.

Japanese doctors - scientists discovered that the oil taken from the liver of deep-water sharks is rich in various nutrients, which are necessary for a human body. Besides, oil from the shark liver contains alkylglycerol – a substance which stimulates immune system of a person, accelerates regeneration of tissues (supports healing of wounds). Shark liver oil is a natural product of excellent quality.

Shark liver oil has been used as a folk remedy by people at Norway and Sweden coast for hundreds years. Basically, it is used for acceleration of wounds healing and as a general agent for improving the functionality of respiratory ways and digestive system.

 Many people feel tiredness and breakdown, suffer from bad concentration of attention, but even doctors in hospitals cannot relieve them of these illnesses as actually their condition is similar to the condition of a healthy person (for example, in case of simple overfatigue). Some people feel dizziness, pains in the region of heart, this everything is known under the name of cerebral insufficiency, cardiac insufficiency, all of this is a result of insufficient oxygen supply. In case of taking shark liver oil, it is possible to reach very good effect and improvement of health state.

Some diseases appear as a result of damage or infringement of functioning of any organs of a body, for example, diabetes appears because of infringement in endocrine system functioning and etc. For the reason that shark liver oil helps cells of damaged tissue, supplying them oxygen, restoration of these cells becomes possible for a shorter period.

Application of shark liver oil:

Shark liver oil prevents from some bone diseases. For example: rheumatism, osteonecrosis, lumbar hernias.

Helps to regulate functioning of endocrine system, promotes restoration of functioning of endocrine system organs, improves condition of kidneys.

Shark liver oil is applied for complex improvement of a human body immunity. Immunity increase can considerably improve resistance of an organism to diseases and infections. Immunity increase can positively affect even progression of chronic diseases, such as bronchial asthma, rheumatoid arthritis and others.

It is used for reduction of harmful effect of radiations, for fight against cancer diseases and during restoration after cancer treatment.

Regulates lipid exchange, reduces cholesterol level in blood, clears blood vessels and restores their elasticity.


Useful properties of alkyl glycerol:

Alkyl glycerol is one of the components discovered by scientists while researching a shark liver. On the basis of the undertaken researches, it was assumed that they fight against cancer killing tumoral cells. Scientists state that they make immune system active in two ways: by stimulation of immune cells of the system, called macrophages, which devour the microbes which have intruded into an organism and damaged cells, as well as by inhibition of protein kinase which is a key regulator of cells growth. It was also discovered that alkyl glycerol reduces the by-effect of treatment with the help of chemo and beam therapy, presumably because of their ability to protect cellular membranes (to increase their elasticity).

Usual antioxidants such as vitamins C and E though are steady against oxidation, but are outside of cells, and very few of them can get through cellular membranes into a cell and affect on them. Alkyl glycerol (AKGS) is one of few endocellular antioxidants.

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