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“Asia Group” is a solid team of people of different ages and thus of different generations.

All adults, probably, remember from their far childhood when their parents carefully gave them fish oil out of a spoon, motivating kids in different ways. Someone liked it but someone didn’t. But children are therefore children that they not always know about benefits of one or another product. The generation grows and now we, parents, try to diversify and balance the diet of our children, selecting according to healthiness, quality, set of microelements and vitamins. A lot of articles and scientific reports published on pages of various popular magazines, mass-media, have been written about healthiness of fish oil for children and adults. When we searched for fish oil for ourselves and our families, we chose the best, best producers in the world! And we decided that if this best product is good enough for our families it should be affordable to all families! As a result of long and delicate negotiations we signed exclusive Distribution Agreement with the world leader in fish oil production.

Our credo is to do the work which we like ourselves. To deliver qualitative and the best products, the products which we choose for ourselves and our families. We love our business. And everything we do we try to perform best of all.

Our main purpose is to provide the consumer with a qualitative product and qualitative service. Health of our clients is above everything for us, and we aspire to give everything the most advanced that is in the whole civilized world. 

We have been on the course to it for several years, and now our company is represented in the markets of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kirghizia and Tajikistan.

We want you could see the whole assortment line of the producer on our shelves.

At the stage of establishment, we put the following challenges before ourselves:

  • to provide our clients with a choice and to be represented in Kazakhstan and Central Asia;
  • to provide our consumer with maximum possible information, having acquainted with the products and thus save his time;
  • to prepare qualified, polite and fair consultants.

We try to adhere to the following several principles:

1) Our client is of great value! We know thanks to whom we earn our living, therefore we appreciate you and your trust endlessly. We have still been learning many things, sometimes we make mistakes, but we are always on the client’s side, we try to do our best in order you were happy, even if you buy nothing from us.

2) Responsibility. Each of us, employees of “AsiaGroup”, bears responsibility for the whole Company. We never give up anything half-word. We are not afraid of working, and we never run from problems. If we made a mistake, we will necessarily correct it and we will make maximum efforts not to repeat it again and to reclaim our fault. You can rely on us!

3) Openness. We try to answer your questions openly. Don’t you trust?! Then necessarily read comments on our Company, and you can even write your opinion and we will necessarily answer you!!!

Health of our clients is the most important thing for us! And there is no difference, whether you will buy fish oil in the form of capsules or in the liquid state, both of them are good for your health! And what is health!? Perhaps most people can answer this question, but whether they know how in this technogenic world, with awful ecology, millions of stresses, problems, it can be possible to keep the most important thing a person has. Modern scientists deduced the health formula: it consists of five items. The basic health item (I) - a balanced diet. It provides a person with energy and useful substances supporting life activity of an organism. The correct balanced diet enriched with necessary vitamins and microelements, considerably improves our state of health and quality of life at any age. It is impossible to forget also about an active lifestyle (II), overcoming of bad habits (III), observance of hygiene rules (IV) and schedule of work and rest (V).

Take care of yourself, your relatives and their state of health - and keep healthy!

With love, care and respect,

team of “Asia Group”


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